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#6 Ray Rice- Ray Rice was considered by many a “bust” last season. However, with the arrival of a pro-bowl FB and departure of “goal line hog” MaGahee, Rice should see a plethora of opportunities inside the 5 yd line. I don’t think he will have as much of an impact in the passing game as he has in the past (A. Boldin is a great fantasy sleeper this yr) due to Flacco having another yr under his belt. With that said, Rice should have a solid campaign!

#7 Jamal Charles- I love this kid! He could easily be the A. Foster of this year. He almost was last yr. Although KC still has Thomas Jones; he’s not getting any younger. I believe Charles will fly outta the gates and produce monster numbers. What worries me is can he keep it up all year?

#8 Run DMC-
Health is the issue with Darren McFadden. We know the talent is there but can he stay healthy? Playing in a week division like the AFC west doesn’t hurt either.

#9 MJD- I like MJD over Turner for the “veteran back” debate (i.e. SJAX/MJD/Turner) his ability to stay healthy and make plays in the receiving aspect get my vote of the other two mentioned.

#10 Mendenhall- Apparently Mendenhall has been working on his “receiving” abilities this off-season. It was practically non-existent last season. If he can produce more with receiving, he could be an excellent fantasy stud this year.
I think he's going to be a star. And as time goes on, he'll be the face of the Spurs, I think.--- Coach Pop on Leonard
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