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Here's my top 5 list so far....I know I'm going out on a limb with two QB in my top 5 ranking but if they stay healthy I guarantee they will produce better than the top 3 RB's. Some of this was written before Tenn signed Hassleback and Minny signed McNabb...

#1 Michael Vick
- Yes, I said it....MICHAEL VICK....This is a huge risk but equally a huge reward. Barring any injury he should without question be your #1 pick. PERIOD! No if, ands, or buts about it. In the 11 games Vick played last season he scored an avg. of 25 ppg (in standard scoring leagues). The next closest was A. Foster and A. Rodgers who both avg. 19 ppg. That’s a 6 point difference each game. He not a great passer (we already knew that) but if you can get 150-200 passing yds with 1TD/1INT then add in 50-100 rush yds with 1 TD per game you will be golden! No other player can guarantee you so many fantasy points each week. It’s like having a #1QB/#2RB all rolled in to one package.
Prediction- 3,500 pass yds, 25 TD/10-13 INT, 900-1000 rush yds 10-12 TD’s.

#2A Chris Johnson
- I give the slight edge to C. Johnson over Peterson due to the easier schedule/division. Both Tenn and Minn have questions at QB which could affect the running game. If either one of these teams get a solid veteran QB to help, there should be no reason why Johnson doesn’t produce the same type of numbers that he has produced over the past 3 seasons. He’s averaged over 1,800 total yds and 16TD’s each season.
Prediction- 1700-1900 total yds/14-17 TD’s

#2B Adrian Peterson- It’s so tough being a Minny fan not to have him #1 but as mentioned above, too many questions at the QB position are yet answered. I could see his number dip a little this season, but when you consider that All-Day has averaged 1,725 total yds and 14 TD’s each season it’s hard to see him going any lower than overall #3.
Prediction- 1600-1800 total yds/13-16 TD’s

#4 Arian Foster- The only reason I don’t have him above the other RB’s is because he’s unproven. He had a great year but has yet to show he can do this on a consistent basis. I still think he should produce good numbers but now that teams know who he is, he will find it more difficult to produce like he did last yr.
Prediction-1400-1600 total yds/13-16TD’s

#5 Aaron Rodgers- Very rarely will I have 2 QB’s in my top 10, let alone top 5…..but this year is an exception. When you consider that Rodgers threw for 4,000 yds with 28TD’s to go along with 400 rush yds and 4 TD’s in 14 games and he is only going to get better, you got something special. No doubt, Vick and Rodgers will separate themselves from the rest of the pack, kinda like C.J. and A. Pet. Have for the RB’s. Plus with questions looming about the RB’s in GB, I could easily see Rodgers getting a lot of “QB sneaks” inside the goal-line. Ya can’t go wrong with Rodgers as your first choice!
Prediction- 4,500 pass yds 30-35 TD’s/10-13 INT, 400-500 rush yds/4-6 TD’s.
I think he's going to be a star. And as time goes on, he'll be the face of the Spurs, I think.--- Coach Pop on Leonard

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