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Cliff Corcoran: Cy Young races still too close to call as Verlander sneaks past Weave

A year ago, in the supposed Year of the Pitcher, there were 4.38 runs scored per game in the major leagues. Thus far this year, there have been just 4.24 runs scored per game in the majors. As a result, there have been an abundance of strong individual pitching performances which have made the Cy Young races particularly difficult to call. Things are starting to shake out a bit as we come into the home stretch, however. The American League race is coming down to a pair of pitchers who had an eventful duel in Detroit a week before Sunday, while the NL race is dominated by the starting rotation of the team that, as a result, has the best record in baseball. Still, at the top, both races remain close enough that even predicting who would win the vote -- if it were held right now -- is difficult to do.

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