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USA's two biggest carriers raise bag fees

You may soon have to pay more if you check bags on the nation's two biggest airlines.
Both United Continental and Delta are upping their fees for checking a second bag on trans-Atlantic flights, The Associated Press reports.

Each company still allows customers to check one bag free of charge, but checking a second bag on United Continental will now cost $70. On Delta, a second bag will now cost $60 if checked online or $75 if checked at the airport.

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Previously, each had charged $50 for a second checked bag to Europe.

Delta also is adding bag fees on its flights to Mexico and Central America, instituting a $30 charge to a second checked bag. That had been free prior to the change.

And, in one other fee-related move, Delta is eliminating a small discount that it had offered to domestic customers for checking their bags online.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes Delta "is discontinuing its $2 or $3 discount for paying the fee online rather than at the airport. The fees will remain $25 for bag 1 and $35 for bag 2."

Delta spokesman Morgan Durant called the move a "competitive response," noting to the Journal-Constitution that none of Delta's main rivals offer such a discount.

USA's two biggest carriers raise bag fees -
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