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After 84 years, a 102-year-old worker is calling it quits

Sally Gordon is planning to retire from her job next week

LINCOLN, Neb. — One of America's longest working employees is calling it quits.

Sally Gordon, the longtime assistant sergeant-at-arms of the Nebraska State Legislature, will retire next Tuesday.

At 102 years old, Gordon has been working for 84 of those years. Even then, she said she can't promise she'll stay retired.

“If something comes up I want to do, I'll probably do it. Because, you know, as I say, I love working," Gordon said. "I love being around people, and it gives me a chance to get all gussied up instead of tramping around the house in a robe."

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman said Gordon is an institution around the Capitol and is a model for all of us. Gordon received the Outstanding Oldest American Worker award in 2010.

102-year-old worker calling it quits - TODAY People -
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