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Originally Posted by niko

Re: Spurs @ NJN gamethread.

The Spurs should play this game with 4 players, one of them should just sit on the court and refuse to participate just to make it interesting.

Originally Posted by Niko
Originally Posted by Originally Posted by SinJackal
Re: Spurs @ NJN gamethread.

Chris Quinn volunteers to not play.
I got the idea when i saw him in a game before, are you telling me he was really playing?

BTW, is he like 12? Does his mom have to come to teh games? Does he make sure to keep her away from Tony?

BTW, do you think if all the net fans stormed the court and physically held the spurs players, that the nets would be able to keep this game within 10?

Originally Posted by SinJackal
Re: Spurs @ NJN gamethread.
Breaking news: Tim Duncan fines Antiono McDyess $50 for almost pulling a Glen Davis dunk.

Originally Posted by redsoxballer
Re: Spurs @ NJN gamethread.
Nets leading scorer had 11 points.... When was the last time something like that happened? the 50s?????
With 26 points on 4 of 4 shots from distance in only 20 minutes of PT. Efficient eviceration.
Wolves' fan: ginobili vs. the wolves is like he's just kind of laughing to himself all game...kind of like he thinks it's cute that they're trying to play basketball.
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