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Originally Posted by clovisnmspurfan View Post
Barkley said that LA would still beat the Spurs in a best of seven series because LA is better than the Spurs. LA has the better players HOWEVER The
Spurs have the better TEAM !
Very true that LA may be better and will be difficult to beat 4 times in a 10 day period. I also heard Kenny's take on how LA can beat the Spurs. He says pick up the pace and get more shot attempts. If this happens, according to him, the natural talent will win out. Easier said than done in my opinion. Logic says that the person to push the pace in the PG. Unfortunately, that is the Lakers weakest position. Fisher is a great leader for the team but Parker kills him. Besides bench, that is the Spurs biggest advantage over LA and they have exploited it in both games.
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