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Bleacher: Manu Ginobili UFO: 10 Athletes We Wish Were Abducted By Aliens

Manu Ginobili UFO: 10 Athletes We Wish Were Abducted By Aliens | Bleacher Report
Manu Ginobili UFO: 10 Athletes We Wish Were Abducted By Aliens
Bailey Brautigan

Manu Ginobili UFO: 10 Athletes We Wish Were Abducted By Aliens

Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs claims that he saw an unidentified spacecraft fly over the city of Los Angeles while the Spurs were in town to take on the LA Clippers on December 1st.

Stories and even videos have been circulating all over the Internet tonight after the Spurs star posted about his "close encounter" on his Facebook wall yesterday.

If this was indeed a UFO, Manu Ginobili shouldn't have been the one to be abducted by beings from another world!

We can think of plenty of other sports figures that we would much rather do without.

Here is a list of the 10 sports figures we wouldn't mind seeing abducted...

10. LeBron James

From the "Decision" to some pretty strong words on Twitter, aren't we all a little sick of hearing about LeBron James?

I know I am...

Especially after seeing this picture of LeBron's new Miami home.

9. Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens

They're loud and obnoxious, and only one of them can really back up all the hype.

Hey, Batman and Robin!

I got my popcorn ready for nothing!

8. Mark Sanchez

Admit it. You knew you'd see Mark Sanchez somewhere on this list.

Maybe it's the hair gel?

Maybe it's his pretty boy appearance?

Maybe it's the fact that he assumes the fetal position whenever he has to play in under 50 degree weather?

Whatever it is, there is just something about Mark Sanchez that makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Hopefully the aliens will let Marky-Poo back up his Spiderman suitcase before they take him to the mother ship.

7. Joakim Noah

First he insulted Cleveland (bad move, bro).

Then he called Kevin Garnet "ugly" (You really brought looks into an argument?).

You can tell that Joakim Noah is a jerk simply by looking at him.

6. Brett Favre

Do I really need to explain this one?

I didn't think so.

5. Ron Artest

Ron Artest doesn't really annoy me that much.

I just thought he'd like to go home for the holidays...

4. Kyle Singler

Let me start by saying that I have nothing against Duke basketball, so this is not just another "Duke hater" hating on Duke.

Watch this video, and you will see the most annoying, white bread human being on the planet.

Seriously, this dude is a goober!

3. Randy Moss

Can you imagine Randy Moss on an alien spacecraft?

First of all, I'm not sure how long it would take him to notice that he'd been abducted because I'm pretty sure he still thinks he plays for the Patriots.

And then he'd complain about the spacefood and ignore any questions the aliens would ask him.

On second thought, maybe we shouldn't let Randy Moss get abducted.

If the aliens thought that all humans behaved like him, they'd probably blow up our planet.

2. Alex Rodriguez

Is there anyone who actually likes A-Rod?

He's an overpaid cheater who gets to date Cameron Diaz.

Get him out of here!

1. Mark May

Okay, I know that Mark May isn't technically an athlete anymore, but he is easily No. 1 on this list.

He's mean to Lou Holtz (Seriously, how can you be mean to Lou Holtz?), and it's called a smile, dude!

Try one on sometime.

Now I don't know Mark May personally, but there is one thing I'm sure of:

If an alien ever tells me "take me to your leader," I know exactly where to direct the spaceship...

And it won't be to the White House.
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