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Will Carroll: Titans QB problems could help Johnson, Moss; Upgrade Cutler, Garrard

Thanksgiving was a veritable football feast, and at my house we had three games in a row following the turkey and stuffing. Watching games with family can be fun, but when it's me and my father, we're watching it differently than most. We used TiVo to go back and forth, watching everything from a lineman getting rolled up from behind by his running back (and he didn't have a brace on) to Miles Austin trotting off for X-rays on his forearm (he's fine, but bruised) and more helmet-to-helmet hits than Matt Millen could praise. Watching Reggie Bush limp or Cedric Benson telling his teammate "it's just a cramp" as the sideline reporter tells us it's a strain really got things going with the medical discussion. My dad's a Saints fan, so watching that back-and-forth game involved a little plain ol' rooting, too. I can only hope you and all your family had as much fun, though I'll bet most of you don't watch games quite the way we do. Before we get to the injuries, I'd like to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers this week. They are appreciated. Now, let's look around the league:

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