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Cowboys suffer domain name failure at the worst possible time

Tue Nov 09 09:11am PST
Cowboys suffer domain name failure at the worst possible time
By Doug Farrar

It wasn't an exciting enough event when the Dallas Cowboys fired head coach Wade Phillips on Monday. When such a move happens, one of the first stops for a fanbase is a team's official website; it's where first press conferences and press releases are posted, as well as any (team-filtered) ancillary news. But Cowboys fans looking for new takes in the wake of the news that Phillips was gone and Jason Garrett was the new interim coach most likely went to the team's official site and saw something like this:

According to the Dallas Morning News, the team forgot to renew the domain, and the site was left blank. The Cowboys' marketing arm, led by one Jerry Jones, Jr., quickly renewed the domain, but that process can take up to two days to go through, and for a website to propagate on a domain - even if it's been there before. The site is up, but up until Tuesday morning, there were people on Twitter reporting that they could still see the "fail" page on certain browsers.

The most alarming aspect of the failure to renew a domain (especially one of this magnitude - only the NFL's official site is a more popular league-approved portal) is the astonishing lack of attention to detail it represents. Domains can be renewed for multiple years at a time, and Network Solutions (or whoever you might establish a domain name with) generally sends multiple e-mail notices as the renewal date draws near to the person listed as the primary website contact. It's a set-it-and-forget-it process that takes about five minutes.

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The 1-7 Cowboys team on the field isn't the only one looking for a few wins these days - it's a good bet that the franchise's internet marketing folks have been hearing some unfriendly words this week as well. They're just lucky no rogue Giants, Eagles, or Redskins fans bought the domain and held it hostage, perhaps insisting on Phillips' re-hire as a bargaining chip!

Cowboys suffer domain name failure at the worst possible time - Shutdown Corner - NFL

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