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Will Carroll: Bryant's return to boost Cowboys, more analysis

Each week, I've been getting so many questions over on Twitter that I'm running into something that's referred to as "Twitter Jail." I won't get into the technical reasons, but Twitter has a limit of 1,000 tweets a day to guard against spammers and bots, but I don't think they recognized what fantasy players would be like on Sunday mornings. To try and get you the best information, I'll be adding a Sunday morning chat to help. Be sure to put that in your calendar for 11 a.m. until noon Eastern. Since reading Michael Beller's article this week here at SI Fantasy, I've been following his advice and watching the line to see how it correlates with player injury news. It's pretty amazing how close and how quick Vegas adjusts. I've got a "secret weapon" site I discovered late in the week and I'll share it with you once I get a better feel for how accurate it is for fantasy purposes. I'd also be remiss if I didn't point out the great articles about concussions in this week's edition of SI. Peter King's piece on research is one that should be a must-read for everyone that watches the game. I read on my iPad each week and the added features it had made it worth every penny. Great work, guys. Let's hope that we don't have many concussions - or any other injuries - to talk about after this week's games. Speaking of, let's get to them:

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