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Why the Rangers will win Game 2

Why the Rangers will win Game 2
Early success vs. Hughes, bullpen bounce-back will be key | 10/16/10 10:00 AM ET

Game 2 of the AL Championship Series clearly is pivotal, to both the Rangers' mental health as well as to their chances of yet ridding the Yankees from their path to the World Series.

With Cliff Lee set to start for Texas in Game 3 on Monday in the Bronx -- he's not automatic, no one is, but the cool lefty has been a postseason untouchable -- think of this game as a two-fer. While a win would only square the series at a game apiece, the Rangers would have a leg up.

A win would also quickly exorcise Friday night's devilish eighth inning. (Opposing view: Why the Yankees will win Game 2)

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