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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
Wow! How can you write all that? Are you sitting next to a Cappuccino machine?

Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
Depends on how fast he picks up the system. I don't doubt his talent but lets see him actually play a game before we start making decisions
from what i've noticed during the years, when we bring a new big in that can play and is a center, it's easier for them to learn the system from a defensive standpoint than a power forward. when Horry, Rasho, Nazr, Oberto came in, those guys could play that position well (Rasho/Nazr were that position naturally) because of the defensive assignment and position on the floor (i may be wrong on this and i'm sure someone would call me out anyway :P, but the center position in the Spurs defense is protecting the rim, while the PF position is really around the FT line or so as help defense in various positions).

nowadays since we've had trouble with our defense, we've had the Ginger, Dice, and Blair in our defensive systems. none of them are shot blockers nor are they savvy type veterans (i know Horry is the same height as Dice, but Rob was way better overall defensively and had more hops than Dice at this point in his career). Oberto didn't have hops as any of the other guys, but his footwork and basketball IQ was so high that he'd get there before he needed to block any shots. back to the point, so now Duncan is actually playing our center position because he's really our only true shot blocker.

Splitter's maturity of the Spurs system will depend on what position he plays. if Pop slides him into the Center position and he can contest/block shots or alter them at the least, he'll learn quickly and our defense will actually improve. if Pop doesn't trust him under the rim like he did Nazr and Rasho when they first came in or he can't protect the rim with consistency/efficiency, Pop will slide him into the PF position and Tim will be our center, but again, the responsibilities of the PF defensive position are a bit more complicated than the Centers, so don't be surprised if he's lost in the scheme of things his first year playing the 4.
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