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Which team is Dallas-Fort Worth's biggest sports enemy?

Which team is Dallas-Fort Worth's biggest sports enemy?
10:47 AM CDT on Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Yankees

Why D-FW hates them

• They've kicked the Rangers out of the playoffs in three previous matchups.

• They're rich ($206 million opening day payroll vs. $55 million for the Rangers).

• The Steinbrenners. Even Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban aren't as over-the-top as the late-George was.

• A-Rod. Enough said.

• Derek Jeter and how Yankees fans think he's perfect. Plus, he's lauded for having a celebrity girlfriend while Tony Romo is vilified.

• People who wear Yankees hats who have no allegiance to the team. They just think it looks cool.

The Spurs

Why D-FW hates them

• The Spurs kicked the Mavericks out of the playoffs three times -- just like the Yankees.

• They win titles. And unlike the Yankees, they don't outspend everyone to get them, which enrages us more.

• Bruce Bowen -- though he's retired now. He was the dirtiest player in the NBA.

• Manu Ginobili -- he flops more than a fish out of water.

• Tim Duncan -- does such a great player need to whine about calls that much?

• Riverwalk. As Mark Cuban would say: "We can kick their butts all the way back to that muddy thing they call a River Walk."

The Redskins

Why D-FW hates them

• The Hogs. If we wanted to see them, we would just go to the State Fair.

• Their inferiority complex. Cowboys even beat the Redskins in Dallas' 1-15 season.

• Dan Snyder. The Jerry Jones wannabe can't compete.

• It's an intense rivalry with great moments: - Ken Houston tackles Walt Garrison at the goal line to preserve a Redskins' 14-7 victory in 1973; Harvey Martin tosses a funeral wreath into Washington's locker room after a 35-34 Cowboys win that clinches the NFC East on the final day of the 1979 season; Dallas wins, 24-21, over a Washington team that was 11-0 in 1991, ending a shot at an unbeaten season.

• Redskins roll out 'Honk if You Hate Cowboys' day and 'Beat Dallas' T-shirts

The Red Wings

Why D-FW hates them

• An 0-3 playoff record against them (just like the Yankees). Except these losses were worse -- twice the Wings beat the Stars in the conference finals and both times they won the Stanley Cup.

• Bandwagon fans. Every time there is a Red Wings game at American Airlines Center, tons of closeted Wings fans attend the game. Blasphemy!

• Octopus throwing. Someone call PETA!

• They just signed Stars hero Mike Modano.

• Brett Hull is our Stanley Cup champion, not theirs!

• Like the Yankees, they tried to outspend everyone (thanks for that salary cap, NHL).

• Todd Bertuzzi -- he's now a Red Wing and famous for how he ended Steve Moore's career with an on-ice punch to the side of his head.

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