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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
gosh no lol i think he's really in a bind in the NBA, he's too slow to be a 3, he's too short to be a 4. he really has to play really well all the time to not be a liability out there.

as a 3:
he has to have quick feet and long endurance to be hanging around with faster guys. in this current "running" NBA, SF's are typically more athletic than before and better shooters (instead of being athletic/shooting versions of PF's, they're more of a taller/stronger SG. same deal with PF's, instead of being a more athletic version of a 5, they're getting to be athletic/quick/fast like 3's, ex. Amare). i'll throw 2 scenarios for Blair if he'd play at the 3:

playing against athletic 3's who score in the paint (ex. someone like RJ):
not really a 3 point shooter, so he can play back. but what some coaches do in this scenario is they set screens with the guy who's open if he can't shoot. let's say he sets a pick for a guard. if the guard is a shooter, then we're in trouble since Blair is playing back and the guy is getting an open look. if Blair plays the pick, now you got yourself with Blair guarding the faster/quicker guard and our guard being on their 3, which ain't pretty in the paint. we can supply help, but nowadays you're not getting 3 guys who can't shoot. if a 3 can't shoot (like how we have with RJ), teams try to make up for it with a big who can shoot (how Pop uses Bonner), so somewhere we're gonna get screwed no matter how we play it.

playing against 3's who can shoot 3's or mid range:
this is probably the simplest one to explain. if they're not drivers, just about anyone would drive on Blair if he played close. you got picks being set by bigs and now you gotta decide "does Blair cheat the pick and tries (keyword there) to kill the jumpshot or does our big commit to the pick to contest the shot?". really either one is a disadvantage. if Blair cheats the pick and the guy were to drive, you're talking about Blair trying to guard a faster guy being steps behind him so it'll be a 2 on 1 scenario against us if both guys go to the basket. if he doesn't cheat the pick, the guy gets an open jumper. that's the same scenario if Blair cheats and our big stays back.

now playing against 4's and 5's is pretty much simpler. taller guys like Pau Gasol or Bynum don't have to jump up to grab rebounds against him because guys in the NBA have long wingspans (at least most of them). so you're talking about taller guys with long arms. Blair HAS to get position and he has to jump high to get rebounds. for those who saw Blair's big rebounding games during the season, most of his rebounds are offensive rebounds that come from his shots being blocked or him missing. he's not really a "rebounding machine" as some make him out to be. now if you got an athletic quick 4 (ex. Amare) that gives him trouble because it's hard enough to keep up with them. now if you got 4-5's who are athletic and can shoot (ex. Dirk/Pau), he can't play up on them because he'll get burned and he can't play back because they can shoot. they can just shoot over him just about every time. the pump fake is going to absolutely kill us on defense. if he doesn't jump and contest, it's a free shot (because remember, he just has arm length but his height is 6'7" or so, he has to jump to contest because the other guys jumping for the shot equalize his defense). if he jumps and they fake, now you're talking about our D scrambling and most likely a big is going to have to help out in the paint. if the big helps out, you got their guy open close to the rim (alley oops or a quick pass) or they got an easy shot in the paint. if we have a wing (ex. RJ/Manu/etc.) help out, then you got a pass to the 3 and an open 3 pointer. so if Blair needs help against a big, that really kills our defense. remember last season, Dice bailed us out TREMENDOUSLY! he didn't need help every time Dirk and played great defense, that's why our D was so solid. once Bonner came in, he needed help every time and you saw Dirk throw a quick pass to the center who had an easy shot or they had an open 3 pointer if Manu/Parker/Hill helped out. our D is designed for man defense and helping the 1-3 spots, it's not effective on being focused on helping our PF's and C's. to give you another example, in 2006 we had Bruce guard Dirk and he needed help sometimes. Horry guarded Josh Howard at the 3, but Horry was savvy enough to play in a position where if Duncan helped out Bruce, Horry was there to slip in front of the center and be quick enough to contest a shot his guy may have.

i've never been enamored by Blair. i love his work ethic and his attitude, but physically, he's a killer for this team in my opinion. "experts" and fans expect his legs to break down with no ACL's at some point, putting him at the 3 would quicken that process (not a doctor, just my opinion) and his negatives on the floor surpass his positiveness, especially in the playoffs
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