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I have thought about this for the past day, and I think it will work.

I believe the Spurs have to play to their strengths, and having a quicker front court might prove to be advantages to us over say a longer player who isn't as quick. Especially if Blair can hit the jumper with regularity. One problem I think we run into is trying to match up with the favorite, and losing any sense of team identity because I are meeting the opponents more than half way, instead of forcing them to play our game. Matching the Lakers based on their length is silly and puts us at a disadvantage because they have already dictated the style of play for us. If we can have a cohesive unit of skilled Ball handlers, quick players, and energy from the start, we should be able to dictate how the game is played and give ourselves the right to win.

I might liken it to the 04 Pistons, undersized energetic Center coupled with long armed 6-11 PF. Liken, not direct comparisons. But if the rotation of Blair, Duncan, Jefferson, Ginobili, and Parker melds into a cohesive unit, I don't see why we would mess with it.
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