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I personally love the idea. He has a great wing span and energy. It's very hard to get past the 6'7 height issue but the energy he brings to the team is unmatched. He's the person you neeed to get the dirty work done and he's only gonna get better with time. He reminds me of the "A. Varejao/J. Noah" type. His intangables (energy/rebounds/confidence)are second to none and his work ethic is solid. It really sucks that he can't be just 2 or 3 inches taller . Even with that, he's still just gonna get better.......I say start him until proven otherwise....I love Tiago BUT, he's gonna be a rookie this year and doesn't know the system yet and McDyess is just plain old.....he does the job (McDyess) but I'd rather have a eager energetic young player (Blair) over a savvy vet (McDyess) starting as of right now. If it doesn't work out (maybe the first 15-20 games) then switch it up.....just my 2 cents
I think he's going to be a star. And as time goes on, he'll be the face of the Spurs, I think.--- Coach Pop on Leonard
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