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Cliff notes: How the Rays can beat Lee

Cliff notes: How the Rays can beat Lee
By Eric Adelson, Yahoo! Sports Oct 11, 5:27 pm EDT

Over the course of human endeavor, man has struggled with many unanswerable questions. They include: What is the meaning of life? Can there be peace in the Middle East? We can Skype and text message, and we can’t improve the umbrella? Seriously?

Now another dilemma has surfaced: How can the Rays beat Cliff Lee(notes) in the postseason?

Clifton Phifer Lee is 6-0 in the playoffs with two complete games, 43 strikeouts, 32 hits allowed and six walks in 47 1/3 innings. His ERA is 1.52 and his WHIP is 0.80. Currently he pitches for the Texas Rangers. And Tuesday night, in order to save their season, the Tampa Bay Rays must find a way to, as Carl Crawford says, “get Cliff Lee out the game.”“It’s going to be tough,” said Crawford. “It’s going to be a battle. Cliff’s tough against us, and we’ve just got to find a way.”

There is a way. And with the help of Dave Allen at FanGraphs and Kenny Kendrena of Inside Edge, we’ve discovered it.

Well, not really. But we have a suggestion:

Swing at the first pitch.

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