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I guess Monday nights (Spite the big win for them) game where Vontae Davis blanked that dude did it for him! I am a fins fan but this dude blanketed him, guess he did not want to face Davis or Revis 4 games outta the year and bytched and got out ;) I would love to believe forever that Davis forced him out finally so he is out NE LOL.

Either way I am glad he is out of NE NOW HAHAHHAHA, I will not miss him there.
Win or lose this is a game -
You could let it pick your brain for weeks and months, just replay it over and over, won't do you any good at all. When someone loses a loved one and they do that it only brings forth anguish. I feel acceptance is sometimes the key, it happened, now you have to react to it. Giving up is not an option.
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