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Originally Posted by montgod View Post
I did... but it didn't matter with Forte blowing it up.

I do have another question.

I have #2 waiver wire claim and looking at picking up either McFadden or Brandon Jackson (I have Grant). Who would you pick up? Both their schedules look pretty good for the next couple of weeks. It all depends on how long Grant will be out vs. Bush being out I guess.

Put in for both of them! They both have favorable 2nd week match-ups..... Jackson vs. Bills and DMC vs. Rams. I would probably put Jackson ahead of DMC on priorities but I would still put in for both. That way you're garunteed to get one of them Also, from the looks of it, neither one of them (Grant and Bush) are gonna be out for more than just a week of two. So, for now they are just quick fillers.
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