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Originally Posted by montgod View Post
Hey fellas,

I have a few tough decisions to make for this weekend. Any feedback would be helpful.

First league - regular scoring, no ppr.

I have 3 rb (technically one is a flex) slots to fill. Who would you start:

RGrant vs. PHI
Matthews vs. KC
CWilliams vs. CLE
JHarrison vs. TB
THIghtower vs. STL
MForte vs. DET

Right now, I am leaning towards Matthews, Forte, and Williams.

My other crazy league is a PPR league w/a pt per 20 yards for returns.

I have three slots to fill w/rbs. They are:

RMatthews vs. KC
Forte vs. DET
CWilliams vs. TB
Sproles vs. KC
Addai vs. HOU
FJackson vs. MIA

I currently have Matthews, Forte, and Addai starting.

Same league, I have to fill one flex W/T slot.

For the W/T, who would you start?

Witten vs. WAS
Maclin vs. GB
Sims Walker vs. DEN

I currently have Witten starting.


For the first question, i personally would probably start Matthews,Harrison and Grant. I know philly has a great D, but packers have a great O. I almost want to put hightower in that mix instead of grant being that beanie probably wont play.

I agree with matthews, forte, and addai on the ppr league.

Last one i say witten if it is PPR. Broncos have a good secondary, and with the cowboys line hurting im thinking romo will be getting rid of it fast.
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