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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
So how did your draft go esparzar?
Well......It didn't go as planned. We actually only had 8 people show up for the draft which left us in a big dilema. We decided to do just a 8 man league and expand the rosters. I wasn't ready for something like this to happen. I spent countless hours preparing for the perfect team and it went all out the window when 2 of our folks didn't show....this just proves that you can never be prepared for everything on draft day. Anyway, we ended up expanding the roster to 2 of everything except the K position. So we had 2 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2TE, 2FLEX (WR/RB/TE), 2DST, 1K and 7 bench players for a total of 20 positions (I know, that's a lot) Of course I eneded up with the #8 spot but I was happy with the B2B here are my picks...

QB- A.Rodgers, 2nd pick, I figured I'd nab a elite QB early
QB- T. Brady, 4th pick, I went with my gut and decided to nab 2 top 5 QB's. Hopefully it pans out.
RB- M. Turner, my first pick, I thought it was a steal at #8
RB- R. Brown, solid #2RB
WR- B. Marshall, 3rd pick tried to get a top 5 WR before they were all gone, this was as close as I got in my draft spot
WR- Wes Welker
FLEX- A. Foster
FLEX- K. Moreno
TE- V. Davis Had to have at least 1 top 5 TE, I think I accomplished this with Davis
TE- J. Shockey- Got him really cheap (I think rd 11) I figure it doesn't hurt to have the TE on the most explossive offense in football
DST- Phi, again tried to get one top 5 Def before they were all gone
DST- SD, got them cheap (2nd to last rd)
K- Crosby

J. Harrison
J. Forsett
M. Wallace
J. Maclin
J. Jones
B. Roth (got him really cheap)
Snelling (handcuffed Turner just in case he gets injured)

Overall, I really like my team, I bascially went really heavy with RB. I love Harrison/Forsett/Foster/Moreno as my flex options.....only time will tell
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