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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
That was in regards to his 10 team league with flacco at qb. Come on, I'm not that ignorant.
Okay... my bad.

Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
I personally am not sold on cutler and would be very uncomfortable having him as my starter. There is a stat out there that mike martz qb's get hit... A LOT. What happens when cutler gets even the smallest amount of pressure? He makes mistakes. Cutler will pass a lot, but I'm banking on him getting sacked a lot, and his INT totals to go up.. That's if he stays healthy from the beating he will receive.

BTW... Unless I just read it wrong, Arian Foster is not a rookie. He actually took over for Houston last year.
I agree regarding Cutler. Very skeptical about how he will do this year and I don't care what anyone says... he still has no one at WR that is significant to help him out.

Yeah, Arian isn't a rookie. I think he was just referring to how much he has played he could be considered a rookie since he hasn't had that much burn. I think he will be good to go this year though in that high powered offense. Slaton was until he fumbled his opportunity away.

Now... on to other news, my first trade just went through and at the perfect time too with the players I gave up! Here it is:

I get - Rivers and Meacham
I give up - McNabb and TJ (on the trading block haha)

I pretty much stole his players and he is suppose to be an experienced FFL player. Guess not.

Now the disclaimer is that this is just a fun work league that my co-worker setup. Definitely not your typical scoring (i.e. PPR, return yardage scoring, 2 qbs, 2 def, 3 multiple position slots, etc.), but nonetheless should be fun.

At the moment, I can't think of my team as a whole, but here are a few of my players:

Brees, Schwab, Charles, Forte, RMoss, TOwens, Maclin, Witten, VDavis, CWilliams, Chambers (probably will drop for Williams TB), Sproiles, Jets, Cincy, Akers, Rivers, Meacham, etc.

So I will now turn around and trade Rivers for Brandon Marshall, Bolden, or another #1 wr w/some filler.

My real money league draft comes up this Sunday so looking forward to that.
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