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Originally Posted by TodTango View Post
Thanks for the analysis. I can see your concern. I'm out here in San Diego and can tell you that it would seem that 3rd down back Darren Sproles will see action, and should the Chargers be leading in the 4th, I'll see a lot of Jacob Hester and Mike Tolbert to carry the ball. Matthews was a solid #2 and I feel, with the PPR, I'll get about 90 yds rushing 20 receiving and about 1 TD per.

Will definitely consider a trade late when push comes to shove on rookies. Solid analysis. Thanks!
Yeah, I would also look at possibly trading one of your TE. You have 2 very good TE's. Look at trading one right after their bye week, I'd suggest trading Shaincoe. No need for 2 TE's. Plus you can always pick one up for your bye wk with V. Davis (Carlson/Keller are usually avaliable in FA) PPR leagues are tough but Matthews will play a good role on your team with that. Get rid of one of your QB's as well (alex smith) no need for 3 of them, play Kolb/Palmer based on weekly match-ups. Good luck!
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