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Originally Posted by montgod View Post
I agree that you have a pretty good team. I would have to see your scoring setup though to really see how good your team looks, but overall your team should do well with any normal scoring format.

I would suggest cutting V. Jackson cause there is no turning back for him this year. Even if Sea gets him, Hasselbeck sucks enough that he would turn VJax into TJ. I would also watch the Forsett battle closely as well cause he doesn't seem to be in a great situation at all. Do you have anyone else with potential on waivers out there like Hardesty (Cle), Bush (Raiders), Williams (TB), or McCluster (KC) - good for rb and wr? If so, I would drop Forsett for any of them imo.

Not sure what you mean here since Peyton is a top 7 qb. This list would include Brees, Rodgers, Schwab, Brady, Romo, and Favre (debateable).

I like your team. I would probably seriously consider other players on the waiver wire for Choice (don't believe he will be used that much w/Barber and Jones and right now their running game looks inept), Naanee (Floyd still looks like the #1 guy and when have you ever heard from a #2 from SD - better options probably on waivers like Jacoby Hou, Williams TB), A Smith... (decent backup but would look elsewhere for better numbers like an Orton, Henne, Garrard, etc.), Dware is a beast, but also look at PWillis, Beason, or Rudd in case Dware doesn't produce big numbers consistently.
Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
This is always my stratagy!!!!!!!! I feel that there is less of a gap between the top 3 QB (Brees/Rodgers/Manning) and other potential top 10 QB's (Romo/Cutler/Flaco/Rivers/Schaub) so this allows me to wait a little bit longer on QB's. Last yr I drafted McNabb in the 5th rd. This yr I drafted Flacco in the 5th rd (in my 10 man league) I felt like I might have "overpaid" a little bit but I'm rolling with him. My $$$$ league draft is this weekend I'm really shooting for Flacco or Cutler. Both of these QB are gonna have HUGE fantasy season and you can get both of them for cheap (rd 5-7).

In my 12 man league I had to get Manning with my first pick. I was pick #12 so I really didn't have a choice. The top 8 RB's were already gone along with Rodgers/Brees/A. Johnson. I ended up drafting SJax as my #1 RB b/c I felt there is a big drop-off after him. So, needless to say, I'm not very happy with my 12 man league but we will see what happens.
I personally am not sold on cutler and would be very uncomfortable having him as my starter. There is a stat out there that mike martz qb's get hit... A LOT. What happens when cutler gets even the smallest amount of pressure? He makes mistakes. Cutler will pass a lot, but I'm banking on him getting sacked a lot, and his INT totals to go up.. That's if he stays healthy from the beating he will receive.

BTW... Unless I just read it wrong, Arian Foster is not a rookie. He actually took over for Houston last year.
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