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Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
12 Man League

QB P. Manning
RB P.Thomas
WR Jennings
WR Crabtree
WR Meachem
TE Finley
Def NO
K Tynes

V. Jackson (got him for cheap)
JaCoby Jones
C. Henne
A. Bradshaw

Not a bad team, I'd like to be a little bit better at WR but hopefully Crabtree pans out, I took a chance on him as my #2, so we will see what happens.
I agree that you have a pretty good team. I would have to see your scoring setup though to really see how good your team looks, but overall your team should do well with any normal scoring format.

I would suggest cutting V. Jackson cause there is no turning back for him this year. Even if Sea gets him, Hasselbeck sucks enough that he would turn VJax into TJ. I would also watch the Forsett battle closely as well cause he doesn't seem to be in a great situation at all. Do you have anyone else with potential on waivers out there like Hardesty (Cle), Bush (Raiders), Williams (TB), or McCluster (KC) - good for rb and wr? If so, I would drop Forsett for any of them imo.

Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
I like it. I usually would feel more comfy getting one of those top 7 qb's, but I think I can see your strategy. Wait on a qb and load up on backs and wr. I think u are built for a strong season. What's your 12 man team? Also, i pray benson doesn't get hurt, im an owner in a big money league! Better handcuff him with Scott, but i will have to drop 2 peeps...
Not sure what you mean here since Peyton is a top 7 qb. This list would include Brees, Rodgers, Schwab, Brady, Romo, and Favre (debateable).

Originally Posted by TodTango View Post
I have 2 leagues and I just drafted the 10-man league. It's pretty standard except that QBs get 6 points for TD passes, there is a flex player either RB-WR-TE and it's a PPR league.

Here's my draft in order.I had the 3rd slot.
Adrian Peterson RB He's going to be used a lot with Favre hurting a bit, and a limited WR corp.
Ryan Matthews RB He's going to be key for San Diego and can catch out of the backfield. He looks more like LT more than LT does now.
Larry Fitzgerald WR No Anquan, No Kurt how well will he do? Should still be good for possible Pro Bowl consideration
Marques Colston WR It's a good idea to get a primary receiver for Brees
Vernon Davis TE Seems to be TE#1 in a lot of publications
Arian Foster RB Yes another rookie, but Houston has serious O and they need to balance that passing game with a good running game. Foster provides that.
Hakeem Nicks TE Amazing that he is talked about so often. I think it's warranted.
Visanthe Shiancoe WRs are hurting and Favre needs an outlet. Shiancoe is that guy.
Carson Palmer QB Bummed because I was thinking Kevin Kolb here instead but I felt that with both Ochocinco and Owens in Cincy, that Palmer would do better. But if I lose this year, it could be here because Kolb looked so well when he started last season. I hope that the reality TV stars come through for me.
Cowboys DST DeMarcus Ware is still a beast.
Alex Smith QB Singletary-coached team. This is his best chance for success. Plus if I use him, there is always that Smith to Davis connection for points.
Dez Bryant WR I just don't think that Roy Williams can hold Dez off.
Saints DST This is a solid D that won a title and is big on takeaways.
David Akers PK I needed at least 1.
Legedu Naanee WR He moves up the depth chart because of Vincent Jackson. He's very capable and I felt getting him in the 15 round was solid value.
Tashard Choice RB Should both Felix Jones and Marion Barber come up lame, yet again, the Choice is a good choice. If not, was the last pick for me in the draft.
I like your team. I would probably seriously consider other players on the waiver wire for Choice (don't believe he will be used that much w/Barber and Jones and right now their running game looks inept), Naanee (Floyd still looks like the #1 guy and when have you ever heard from a #2 from SD - better options probably on waivers like Jacoby Hou, Williams TB), A Smith... (decent backup but would look elsewhere for better numbers like an Orton, Henne, Garrard, etc.), Dware is a beast, but also look at PWillis, Beason, or Rudd in case Dware doesn't produce big numbers consistently.
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