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Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
Solid team! I absolutly love the depth of your bench. J Best could suprise some people and I think Foster/Bush are solid bench players as well. Floyd is gonna be a beast (at least until VJack gets back) and Kolb is a excellent #2 option at QB......IMO, the only thing I don't like much about your team is the DEF...too many questions surrounding them. But it's a very solid team. Was it a 10 man or 12 man draft?
Both 12. I really just waited until the second to last round to take a DEF for this reason... In the last I think it was 8 seasons, only 1 defense that was rated #1 before the season ended up in the top 12 defenses at the end of the season, and that was the 2006 bears. The point difference from the top defense to the 10th defense is marginal. The jets might change that stat soon, but for now to take a defense earlier than the second, maybe 3rd to last round isn't necessary. With that being said, The giants were pretty horrible last year... But were doing phenomenal until the absence of Justin tuck and Osi. Those two are back and healthy, and they picked up rolle.. I think they could return to their dominant ways.. But we will see, they prob are my weakest link at this point. Have you drafted any more leagues? I have one more draft tommorrow at 10 A.M. I'll post what it is... This year my strategy is to load up on backs, and hope a couple break out.. I like Michael bush and Foster to come through for me.. I really like floyd as well.
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