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Originally Posted by cjdrivera View Post
I've stated b/f that Tony should be paid no more than 12 mil/year. After the recent comments from his wife and some of his supposed incidents with fans around the city, I'd rather we move him pronto. All the Parker apologist look at Tony with a glass half full perspective. I personally think that if it wasn't for Tony Parker we probably would have won a title in 04 and in 06. The way he allows relatively unknown PG's make a name for themselves against him in the playoffs always frustrated me. Now I know why Pop was trying so hard to land Jason Kidd.
Wow...absolutely wrong. In 04, we wouldn't have been up 2-0 against LA without Tony. Tony for all his struggles, had a good fourth quarter (I think 7 points) in that epic game 5 that we were 0.4 seconds away from winning. In 06, Tony had one bad game against the Mavs and that was game 6 ...a game he happened to give us the lead with 2 minutes left on a big jumpshot. Then in game 7, while Manu had like 2 points in the first half, Tony and Tim kept us in the game by scoring 20 points each in the first half. We wouldn't have beaten the Lakers in 2003 without Tony, the Nets (games 1 and 3) without Tony, or the Suns of 07 without Tony. We probably would not have beaten the Pistons either in 05 (not that he had a very good series, but it woulda meant more defenders keying in on manu and Tim).
Lest we forget, in the biggest NBA game of the last decade, the Spurs handled the Pistons in the type of game that Detroit is supposedly built for. In deciding games between San Antonio and Detroit, the Spurs are 1-0, and the Pistons are 0-1.
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