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Originally Posted by bills0 View Post
What do you mean by lead the Spurs to a championship? The only thing I can think of that will get the Spurs another championship is better performance; by someone(s), anyone.

If you think it might be Tony, then there are some facts to consider. Tony has played 9 years in the NBA now. Most players have reached their potential by then. They may still improve, but they rarely get substantially better. So he will be, in the future, pretty much as we see him now.

Parker is nowhere near a max player now, so I do not expect him to ever be one. And if you want the truth, he has been declining ever since the 2007 championship.

I have reluctantly gotten on the trade-Tony-now bandwagon (but not at any price) because I think there has developed in the NBA a disconnect between what he is valued at and what he actually produces. His reluctance to talk about an extension makes me think that Parker has also fallen into this error. Hence, the only way this can end is with Parker leaving, either soon by trade or later through free agency.
I agree with everything you are saying. . . it isn't likely that Tony will all of the sudden be a max player. However, If Tony doesn't play like a max player this year, we don't win a championship. If we are counting on Duncan to carry us this year, we will fail.

Originally Posted by maurice13 View Post
Maybe this is a three sided coin...

3. Tony is a darn good player that Spurs fans love and root for. That's why its hard for us to see him go when Knicks offer him max contract (and Eva coincidentally gets a gig on the View). But Spurs fans understand and back FO...well except for choppsboy.
If Tony doesn't bring us a championship this year, I will be the 1st in line to not re-sign him.

Originally Posted by billsmith3503 View Post
I couldnt disagree more.

A) The Spurs were going to sweep the Cavs, Parker happened to score the most so he got the nod- we werent losing that series PERIOD. In fact that Cavs team wasnt very good at all. If Parker didnt play a minute in that series we still would have swept them.

B) Why on earth would you hand the keys of your team over to a player who's saying he wants out? Logic says you develop his replacement. Marginalize his impact.
A) Yea, you are right. That is why I don't give him much credit for this.

B) Don't believe the media. . . Besides, Carmelo Anthony isn't even a member of the press. If, by some miracle, Tony Parker somehow plays like a hall-of-fame point guard next year, he would be happy to except a max contract from the Spurs.
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