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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
I thought about this more, and there are 2 sides to the coin

1. Tony Parker is a great player, but not quite a max player. We would do the 5 yr 75 mil thing here

2. Tony Parker is a future all star that can lead us to championships after Duncan retires. We do a max contract here.

Of those 2 options, I would chose the 2nd. If Tony steps up, and leads us to a championship we have a future. If Tony doesn't, we still need to find that guy. . . . and they are hard to find. Tony deserves 5 yrs, 75 mil based on past performance. I hope he earns a max for his performance this year.
Maybe this is a three sided coin...

3. Tony is a darn good player that Spurs fans love and root for. That's why its hard for us to see him go when Knicks offer him max contract (and Eva coincidentally gets a gig on the View). But Spurs fans understand and back FO...well except for choppsboy.
No I don't hate Raja Bell, but I pity the fool.

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