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Originally Posted by billsmith3503 View Post
Tim Duncan leads this team. Parker is noone without Duncan, period, conversation over. How many rings has Parker lead us to? None. He leads nothing.

He'll be on a team that would make the playoffs without him this year.
You are completely correct. If the question were being asked right now, Tony hasn't LEAD us to much. He did Lead us to a championship series win over Cleavland, but that just showed potential. Leading in one series and leading all year and throughout the playoffs is another thing.

I just think that he has the talent to takeover leadership of this team from Tim Duncan this year. He should be a better player than Duncan this year because he is in his prime, and Duncan is definitely not.

What I would like to see is for Pop and Duncan to give the team to Tony. Tony would be the centerpiece on this team, similar to Robinson giving the team to Duncan. If the team took this approach, I think Tony could be an MVP. . . . maybe.

I would like to see him given the chance to have the offense focused around him. Then we can judge if he is a max player.

Of course we would still give the ball to Ginobili at the end of every quarter!
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