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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
If Tony leads this team to a championship, he is a max player. If we pay him as Duncan leaves it doesn't destroy the team.

If we win a championship, but it isn't clear that Tony lead us there, or if we don't win a championship, Tony doesn't deserve max money.

It is that simple.

I would rather he somehow step up and prove to the naysayers that he can lead the team to a championship, and that we reward him with a max contract.
You stated before on here 5 years 75 million without your conditional championship considerations. I say keep him BUT not give him max money. He declares wanting max or wants to go to NY so be it. I just hope if they do move him they get value now and not do a sh*tty sign and trade were the Spurs get crummy bottom of the barrell first rounders and super high numbered second rounders for him.(Bosh/James) I think the wait and see approach is going to backfire on the Spurs if it goes any further.

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