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Alright, here is my top 10 list for the 2010 fantasy football season. Please note this is only my opinion. People will always vary and argue with any list that is ever constructed…

1.“ALL DAY” Adrian Peterson
A lot of people have Chris Johnson as there #1 choice. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with that pick but lemmie explain why I’m going with AP over CJ. Last year Peterson had over 1800 all purpose yds and 18 TDs and that was considered a “down season” for him. Can you imagine what he can produce during a good season? Don’t get me wrong, CJ is a stud but teams are going to be keying in on him more this year and I honestly believe he’s just too small to carry the load and produce like he did last year. I’ll take Peterson any day of CJ for the power and ability to wear defenses down. I believe AP upside is just too valuable to discredit. Do fumble’s really matter in fantasy football? When the person is AP, they don’t.
Prediction- 1400-1700 rush yds, 300-400 rec yds, 16-19 TD’s.
2. Chris Johnson
Again, most people like him as the overall #1 pick. It’s not a bad choice by any means. And you obviously really can’t go wrong with either one of the top two choices. He will not produce B2B 2000 yd seasons. It has never happened and I don’t foresee it changing this year. With that being said, CJ should still get the bulk of the carries and produce heavily outta the backfield. Can’t go wrong with this pick.
Prediction- 1300-1500 rush yds, 450-600 rec yds, 15-18 TD’s.
3. Maurice Jones Drew
Most people thought MDJ production would change last year being the featured back and they were right. But it changed for the good! MJD is a beast! He the only weapon for his team and proved that he could carry the load as the featured back. I see nothing changing this upcoming season. The thing I love about MJD is his ability outta the backfield. Playing in a weak defensive division also helps! I see him and CJ having identical statistics seasons.
Prediction- 1300-1500 rush yds, 450-600 rec yds, 15-18 TD’s.
4. Ray Rice
This is where is get’s a little tricky. I was personally having a hard time deciding between Rice, Gore, and Turner as the #4 pick. I’m taking Rice because of his ability to stay healthy and the Ravens getting rid of McGahee. Rice will be the man in Bal next year. He’s a “mini-me” MJD. Has the same power/moves/speed of a MJD but is a little smaller. I also love his break away speed.
Prediction-1200-1300 rush yds, 500-600 rec yds, 11-13 TD’s
5. Michael Turner
This is my sleeper pick being in the top 5. We all know what Turner can do when healthy (see 08’ season and 1st half of 09’ season) but injuries is what looms heavy over his production. He’s a bit of a risk (the same can be said for gore) with the injury factor but has proven to be a top 5 RB when healthy. You can expect the same from him this year if he stays healthy.
Prediction- 1300-1500 rush yds, 150-300 rec yds, 10-12 TD’s
6. Frank Gore
I like Gore, I really do, but you have to consider his injured past. I like that he plays in a weak division and I like his ability to play outta the backfield. Hopefully his health will not be a factor this year. If you’re sitting with the #6 pick in your draft, it’d be hard to pass Gore up if he’s available.
Prediction- 1300-1500 rush yds, 300-500 rec yds, 9-11 TD’s
7. Andre Johnson
Yep, I said it, Andre Johnson. This guy is a man child! Hands down the most dominate receiver in the game today. By far, the best at his position when it comes to FFB. He will produce for you about as consistent as any top RB or QB out there. If I’m sitting with a low-end 1st rd pick (6-10) I’m taking him.
Prediction- 1400-1600 rec yds, 12-15 TD’s.
8. Drew Brees
Aaron Rodgers will give Brees a run for his money this year in fantasy production but I’ll still go with Brees. Playing in a dome with an explosive offensive will do wonders for your game! So many weapons, so many choices, so many targets! Brees is a stud and will continue to be a stud next season. If you want a sure thing at QB and you’re drafting in the mid-low 1st rd then go with Brees.
Prediction- 4200-4700 pass yds, 35-40 TD’s, 8-12 int, 2 rush TD’s
9. Steven Jackson
He’s all the Rams have had for the past 5 yrs or so, I don’t see it changing. He did have off-season surgery on his back and he is playing with a rookie QB. But still, he’s a relatively safe pick in the low first rd/high second rd.
10. Flip a coin!
Ryan Grant or Aaron Rodgers? I don’t have the right answer for you. I’d say when in doubt, go with a RB. Most of the time you can never go wrong with a RB in the 1st rd. It doesn’t hurt that they play on the same team and if you’re picking #10 in a 10 man snake draft league, then get them both!!!!!!

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