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Reports: Yankees Owner Steinbrenner Dies

Reports: Yankees Owner Steinbrenner Dies
POSTED: Tuesday, July 13, 2010
UPDATED: 8:44 am CDT July 13, 2010

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Dies

A person close to George Steinbrenner says the Yankees owner has died.

New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has been hospitalized, according to several media reports.

WABC-TV in New York is reporting that Steinbrenner suffered a massive heart attack. He was rushed to St. Joseph's hospital in Tampa, Fla., the report said.

Steinbrenner celebrated his 80th birthday on July 4.

Steinbrenner has owned the Yankees since 1973. During that time, the Yankees have won 11 pennants and seven World Series titles.

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Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Dies - San Antonio Sports News Story - KSAT San Antonio

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