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Luke Winn: In realignment game, who's looking out for Kansas, K-State?

If, or depending on which reports you believe, when conference tectonics begin this month, and pieces of the Big 12 attach themselves to larger landmasses in the West (the Pac-16) and the North (the Big "Ten"), Kansas and Kansas State will be adrift on their own, helpless against forces that care not that the former school has one of the most storied basketball programs of all time, and the latter will be a top 10 team for a second straight season. The Jayhawks and Wildcats make Kansas one of the strongest basketball states in the Union, yet they have no clout in the football-centric cash grab that's driving realignment. Will anyone in power acknowledge the S.O.S. signals coaches Bill Self and Frank Martin are sending up from Allen Fieldhouse and Bramlage Coliseum, or will their programs take the biggest hits from this conference shift?

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