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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
What I'm saying is that once you peak, you are on the downside. Kind of a definition of 'peak' thing. Doesn't mean you suck. And with such a high peak, a slow descent can last damn near a decade.

If you put Timmy's peak in the '02-'03 range (MVP seasons), then the downside started in the '03-'04 season. Not 1-3 years ago.
Manu could have easily walked away with the '05 NBA Finals MVP. He didn't, but it wasn't like Duncan dominated the Finals.
Hence, the 5-8 year downside range.

Timmy's been diminished in the last 3 years. Still damn good, but not nearly as good as he's been.

To get back to the point I was making, Parker's peak may have been the '07 playoffs. It's plausible that he exceeds that performance this year. Not likely, but more likely than either Manu or Duncan having their respective career year.

And, to answer a point that Selective Bill brought up, seems it's been years since Manu lost his starting job and Parker got his extension. Both have done well since then.
So Kate Longoria agrees that Parker is on the downside, but still would extend him a 6 year deal.... I guess you're just minding your community property so I cant fault you.

In my mind when you have a one trick pony whose one trick is his speed at getting to the rim-- and he loses that because he's tore up and has too many miles-- you don't give him a 6 year deal keeping him on the roster until he's 35.

Can't pass, can't shoot a 3-- whats he going to do at 35? He aint Steve Nash.
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