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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
Selective Bill
new nickname? will it stick? lol

i always pictured Bill as Mr. Bill

i agree with your post though, once you peak it's downside BUT what's kept Duncan still really relevant was his changing of his game.

Parker, though, hasn't changed his game. he hasn't tried to improve any since his 2007 Finals. by now, you'd think he'd be more reliable on his 3 pointers since he got a mid range jumper down pat or worked on his assists. he's still the same Parker from 2007. hell i think he's still the same Parker from 2005 because the Suns gave him that mid range jumper at that time, so he had it. i still stand that Parker had the match up in the Finals, that gave him the Finals MVP. but i honestly think he's still the same Parker he's always been and has not improved any after 2005, that's what i think is making his "downhill slide" more noticeable and it's being more of a liability for us right now.
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