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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
I'm on the fence over the question of what kind of year Parker will have with the Spurs. Obviously he was a physical trainwreck this past season due in part to summer play and there is no doubt it had negative consequences for the team but to lump Manu's extension into the same sentence with Parker being benched is anything but a fair analogy.

Tony was back and starting when his hand was broken with less than a month left in the season. There was not enough time to work him back into the starting line up.

Wow you're not paying attention.
A) Tony Parker said himself that he felt that Manu's extension had implications on his own contract situation.

B) Parker was benched because the Spurs played better without him than they did with him-- not because he needed "to work back into the lineup"

Record when Parker went out: 11-5
Record after Parker came back: 7-9

Nuff said.
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