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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
Perhaps this is the season that the FO and Parker agree that summers are a time for rest. Parker is probably moving into the 'career extension' phase of his life. He has agreed to not play for the French team this year. Things may change next summer.

There were no complaints about Timmy after he suffered from plantar fas... Since then, the training staff has had more experience with it. They have also altered summer training regimens for Timmy, along with strongly suggesting that players do not play for the national teams. Players are now listening.

This leaves you with a sprained ankle suffered in the summer play, and a hip flexor. There really is no way to infer that this season's injuries are the start of a trend. Parker is most likely on the downhill side of his career. After the 2007 season, it's not probable that you get better. However, he has more potential to have a career year than any of him, Manu or Duncan. That would put him back at his peak.

Duncan's been on the downhill side for 5-8 years already. There has been no call to unload him for potential to help usher in the post-Duncan era. To trade Parker for potential, or let him leave via free agency is silly. You extend his contract for 4-5 years. Really good point guards and big men are tough to get. You hold on to them.
Ummm Duncan's been on the downward side for 5-8 years???? You say some stupid stuff. Timmy won 2 MVP's after your alleged downward slide began. Duh.

You say he has more potential to have a career year than Duncan or Manu- but it was Parker that lost his starting job this year and Manu who got an extension. So hopefully this career year your describing will be in Toronto. As far away from our Airport as we can get him.
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