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If Tony's in his prime, and Manu's past his, it certainly doesn't speak well for Tony. Even at Manu's age, he is infinitely more valuable to the Spurs success than Tony is. There is a reason at the end of every game the ball is in Manu's hands a good 95% of the time. And, he brings all the intangibles that any franchise would welcome. He touches the game in ways that few players ever do. By the way, Manu is less than a year older than Kobe. And his game is less predicated on playing above the rim. He will still be effective at an older age. And as Jose so validly points out, from a marketing standpoint, its not even close in terms of value to the franchise. The Spurs are, in fact, in the business of putting butts in the seats. I'm not saying we get rid of Tony, just that Manu is far more valuable to the Spurs. Whereas the Spurs had no choice but to extend Manu, I feel they have some options to explore as far as getting something valuable in return for Parker.
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