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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
So you're blaming injuries and age for other players on Tony as well. Got it. So you're saying that getting the ball in the post every play (which doesn't happen, I thought Manu was also taking some of the load?) is worse on TD's body than running on his aching knees for a whole game. So you're saying that Parker is more injury prone than Manu. Sure. I think at this point, billsmith is actually making more sense to me.

Tony has been playing professional ball since 1999, but would it be any different if he were to have played college ball for 4 years and then gone to the NBA? Either way, Manu has been playing longer, and people seem to be ok with his contract.
-just saying if he'd stay healthy in the beginning of the season, the rest of the guys could have less of a load. wouldn't that make sense if Parker was healthy and they had less of a burden?

-have you ever played organized/competitive ball? when you post someone up, that takes a bit out of you, more than let's say pick and pop sort of deal. you're going to run in basketball either way, but if you're gonna get in the paint and try to earn your points (yes there's a reason why they say that phrase if you've ever heard it). couple "running the whole game" with him having to do that on the defensive end also and being posted up against also, yeah that pretty much does it for someone's whole body because you use your lower body for most of the time in basketball. Shaq is a prime example. i always kept hearing him during his playing time in Phoenix that he wouldn't hurt or get injured because running and gunning wouldn't take a lot out of him. he stated grinding it out in the paint, posting up takes a lot more out of you. i know Shaq might not be a popular example, but with his history of injuries, his time in Phoenix is vastly different health wise than his times in Miami or Cleveland validate his claim.

-when did i say Parker was more injury prone than Manu? lol come on now, you're just trying to argue. i said that Parker tends to get hurt in the beginning of the season, puts his burden on the shoulders of the other Big 2. Manu, on the other hand, gets hurt during the late part of the season, which validates my comment about how you always remember Manu's injuries because they're late in the season and not Parker's because they're early in the season.

-by "people" you mean Spurs fans then yes. who's the most talked about Spur? who's the most popular Spur right now? Manu Ginobili! it was a marketing and basketball move to give him that contract. if he left, because of his popularity, San Antonio would riot (or get horribly depressed). if Parker leaves, he's just another good player leaving. he'll be missed no doubt, but as far as popularity/influence, he can't match up to Manu.

-would it have been different if he went to college for 4 years here and then played NBA ball? of course it would. because he'd be American and wouldn't care about the Olympics like other countries do, which would mean no early injuries with the national team.

so i'll be awaiting your next answer on how you completely miss everything i say
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