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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
-younger doesn't mean less injury prone

-wasn't that a point I made? that he gets hurt early in the year?

2008 was the same injury as 2009 and reports said the ankle was gonna give out sooner than later, so even if he wouldn't have played in the Olympics, it would've given out on him during the season. having Dirk elbow you in the nose is NOT being injury prone, it's a freak accident. it could've happened to anyone else.

-and of course you miss the whole point of: when Tony is hurt, that puts more wear and tear on Manu and Tim, regardless of minutes. i know you're a bit stubborn, but this is quite ridiculous. if Tim played 25 minutes a game and every play went through him on 4 Down, he'd be more worn down than playing 35 minutes where he'd play a run-n-gun style and just play defense or offense. my point was, minutes are just half of the equation. Duncan had the offense and carried us through the first part of the season because of Parker's injuries and that wore him down. more or less minutes is just part of the equation, the bigger part of it is that he wore down because he had to do more in those minutes, thanks to Parker's injuries.
So you're blaming injuries and age for other players on Tony as well. Got it. So you're saying that getting the ball in the post every play (which doesn't happen, I thought Manu was also taking some of the load?) is worse on TD's body than running on his aching knees for a whole game. So you're saying that Parker is more injury prone than Manu. Sure. I think at this point, billsmith is actually making more sense to me.

Tony has been playing professional ball since 1999, but would it be any different if he were to have played college ball for 4 years and then gone to the NBA? Either way, Manu has been playing longer, and people seem to be ok with his contract.
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