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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
There were no complaints about Timmy after he suffered from plantar fas... Since then, the training staff has had more experience with it. They have also altered summer training regimens for Timmy, along with strongly suggesting that players do not play for the national teams. Players are now listening.
yeah they've had adjustments and know more about it (Tony mentioned he wore a special sock). from someone who's suffered from it, there's no real way to prevent it unless you use a real real comfy shoe (some players like different types of shoe, some like "quicker" shoes, others like "stronger" shoes, if you play ball, you'll kinda know what i mean).

but plantars fascitis could happen with any shoe you use that doesn't have the proper support or any surface you walk/run on. i bought some of those cheap $20 Protege shoes (the Al Harrington ones), it gave me it. once you have it, you credit Duncan for how he played in 2006. it's like a sharp hot knife/cramp like feeling when you try to be active. i still have them but wear Dr. Scholl's lol

anywho, i agree with you on that. plantars fascitis is an injury, but like Manu's broken nose, it's just a freak injury that can happen because of a number of factors that you wouldn't really think of.
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