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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
How familiar are you with Splitter? He isn't at all like Rasho. He is not that lengthy at all, and plays with more power. He made large strides over last year in his strength and power game. Besides, if Ian was going to be any good, the Spurs would have picked up their option on him. Do you think the Spurs didn't pick up the option so they can re-sign him for more money? Give up on the dream man, Mahimni isn't playing here next year (but I bet Bonner does).

Parker made 12millions+- this year. 5 years 75 mill is just a 1 mill raise per year. That seems fair to me. Tony should make as much as Manu or a little more because he is younger. (13mil + 14mil + 15mil + 16mil +17mil)

Funny. . . . . Last offseason it was Manu Ginobili who needed to be traded and was making more money, and was a big injury risk so we should trade him. So Now You Turn On Tony!
15 Million per for an average is still too much! No matter how you slice it. Trim some payroll dude!
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