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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
I don't want to ditch TP-- I'd rather see what we've got this year like we did with Manu-- but we need to take note that the guys who came to the NBA young are breaking down at a corresponding younger age than guys who came in at age 21-22 after several years on college.

Plus TP's played deep into the playoffs every year.

So we should at least be on the alert that signing a 28 year old TP might be like signing a 30-31 year old American college player.
I agree with the risk factors being
A) that he plays horribly and is less attractive at the trade deadline-- given the salary relief this isnt that big a deal as someone will likely take him anyway (you just wont get useful players in return)
B) He plays fantastic and you are unable to sign him.
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