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Originally Posted by billsmith3503 View Post
In 2010 Parker had Plantar Fascitis, a Hip Flexor Strain, a Sprained Ankle, and a broken finger and more games missed because of the flu... you can erase the broken finger & Flu from wear and tear injury. He's been playing professionally for 12 years-- non stop.

You have absolutely no basis to say he is in his prime. It's as probable that his decline has begun. The problem isnt necessarily the dollars, but the years. He'll surely want 5 years and I cant see the FO comitting to that. He'll be playing pro for 17 years at the end of that deal.... that is extremely dicey.
I don't want to ditch TP-- I'd rather see what we've got this year like we did with Manu-- but we need to take note that the guys who came to the NBA young are breaking down at a corresponding younger age than guys who came in at age 21-22 after several years on college.

Plus TP's played deep into the playoffs every year.

So we should at least be on the alert that signing a 28 year old TP might be like signing a 30-31 year old American college player.
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