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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Parker is 28 and had a bad year full of injuries. He is taking the summer off. Just last year he was carrying the team through the season. If you take the Parker Hate Glasses off, you will see that he has developed a pretty reliable midrange jumper. The "decline" you speak of is not age, it was simply plantar fasciatis, which is healed with rest. There is no reason to expect a decline with no serious knee injuries, etc. Manu is 32. The "championship Manu" that we all love can't play a whole season without some kind of injury, and unfortunately it always happens at the end of the year.

Yes, giving a player a max deal after an injury riddled season is risky, but what's more risky is giving Manu the deal he got. THAT contract has caused the problems, because now you have to give Tony AT LEAST that, because Tony is young and will be around longer than Manu. For the record, I don't think Tony is max contract player, but he deserves more than 10 million and at least as much as Manu.
In 2010 Parker had Plantar Fascitis, a Hip Flexor Strain, a Sprained Ankle, and a broken finger and more games missed because of the flu... you can erase the broken finger & Flu from wear and tear injury. He's been playing professionally for 12 years-- non stop.

You have absolutely no basis to say he is in his prime. It's as probable that his decline has begun. The problem isnt necessarily the dollars, but the years. He'll surely want 5 years and I cant see the FO comitting to that. He'll be playing pro for 17 years at the end of that deal.... that is extremely dicey.
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