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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Way to grasp there. Pop has always managed their minutes, no matter what, except for this year because they just didn't have the players. Either way, Parker is younger and except for this year, has been healthy for the playoffs. To your point though, if you add up their total regular season games played in the last 3 years since the last title, they are actually pretty close. But again, the main count is number of playoffs games played in and whether or not they were affected by injuries during those games.
you can take any minutes you want, but the truth is even when TD played a few minutes during the early start of this season, most of the plays went through him via 4 Down, take into account he had to guard the paint, that's a hell of a beat up on his body.

if we were a running team that'd be different. there'd be no physical play on either side of the court, but we're not. Timmy goes through a beating on offense and defense.

of course you laugh at the minutes (even though you didn't take into account how we play, there's a reason Shaq wasn't really injured in PHX in a run n gun system, while he kept getting injured everywhere else), but you never took into account the international play and Parker's injuries, of course. but when it comes to Manu, you'll remember them. :richb
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