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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
The difference is Tony has been healthy most of his career and is in his prime. Manu is on the downside.
say what? lol

you mean Parker's been healthy for the 2nd half of the season most of the time. the dude is always coming up with injuries in the summer during the national team. sprained ankles, bummed fingers, quad injuries too if i remember correctly.

Manu's had two injuries that effected our title hopes during the playoffs in 06 and the summer of 08 and it was the same injury that sidelined him during the 09 season, but Manu's mostly been healthy during the first half of the seasons.

Parker's come up with injuries for most of his career at the start of NBA seasons. Manu has an ankle injury in 06, the ankle injury in 08, the broken nose (freak accident), if anything Parker's been worse at injuries. the only good side to them is they've been early in the season so people forget, except for this season where he had the plantars fascitis, the broken finger, and didn't he hurt something else too?

if anything, if Parker could manage to stay healthy during the start of the season, maybe Timmy and Manu wouldn't be holding the burden so early in the season, to get injured later, especially with Tim's knee.
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