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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post

he tried to make SG Roger Mason into a PG
he tried to make Matt Bonner into a basketball player
he tried to make George Hill into a PG
he tried making RJ into a PF

the problem is we don't have tweeners, the problem is Pop tried to make players into tweeners when clearly it wasn't their strong point

the only funny thing is that you thought i was for trading Manu for just about anything last year? lol i've always been on the Manu bandwagon, i've never really been on the Parker bandwagon. so if you mean by "you" everyone else, then yes you're right.

You are damn right about George Hill. We need Nando to come over if not this year than next. George Hill is our backup SG! (Manu is the starter). George will be Manu's Predecessor.


I guess I didn't mean "you", but everyone else. I think Tony is as indispensable as Manu.
I am never coming back to SpursReport because TimmyDthaWay2B is a horses ass.
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